The following are the terms and conditionsof sale of Brand Your Brand Pty Ltd and as such it is important that you takethe time to read them. 

Brand Your Brand will always supply a written quotation on theproduct/s or service/s required.
A quotation is not an offer by Brand Your Brand.Brand Your Brand may withdraw or alter it without notice.
Once the client accepts the quote and issues anorder Brand Your Brand will re-confirm the price and stock availabilityprior to accepting and processing your order.

Purchase orders must have an order number shown.In the event the company does not use the Purchase Order system then a faxedorder on letterhead duly signed will suffice. Likewise an email from anauthorised person will also be accepted. Verbal instructions ororders will not be accepted.

Brand Your Brand deal with local, nationaland international suppliers and decorators to ensure you receive qualityproducts and service. Our aim is to ensure that pricesquoted are accurate at all times however we maintain theright to change prices without notice. 

Trading Terms
We accept Direct Deposit and cheques.

For new accounts we require a depositbetween 20%-50% depending on products required or specific jobs.
Balance of amount owing to be paid in fullbefore shipment. After 3 orders the customer can apply for a 30 day tradingaccount by completing a credit application and submitting it to Brand YourBrand for approval.

Exceptions to this are as follows

1.National accounts who supply a purchase order will begiven a 30 day account.
2.Government Departments who produce a purchase orderwill be given a 30 day account.
3.Schools and Tertiary bodies that supply a purchaseorder will be given a 30 day account.
4.Corporate bodies who produce a purchase order will begiven a 14 day trading account and then after 3 orders will be give a 30 dayaccount.

All credit accounts must be on a 30 day netbasis. Accounts that go over 30 days will be placed on Stop credit and allfuture orders thereafter will be on full payment beforedespatch. 

Title of goods remains with Brand Your Brand untilpayment has been made in full into our account or cheque/s have cleared.

Debt/Late payments
Brand Your Brand will pursue non-payment of goods or services to thefull extent of the law.
All expenses including, without limitation, legalexpenses, all debt collection agency costs and all our costs spent on thisrecovery will be sought. Interest of 1.5% per month, calculated daily willapply.
All claims need to be in writing and received by Brand Your Brand within 5working days from the date of supply. Claims after this date will not beconsidered. We reserve the right to determine if a product is faulty orhas been decorated incorrectly.

Cancellation of order

Once a purchase order has been given and anartproof signed it is agreed that we will supply your products as stated on theorder and in the specified time. If you cancel an order after this timecancellation fees may apply. 
These fees can vary from order to orderdepending on the status of the job. Fees can include setup costs, artwork fees ,pre-productionsamples provided, restocking fees for undecorated products, shipping fees backto the suppliers or full payment of job if items have been decorated.

All artwork is to be supplied by the customer in the correct format.Additional artwork by Brand Your Brand will be charged at $50.00 plus GST perhour. Minor artwork may be done at no cost.

Pantone or PMS colours are recognised by most printers and decorators andas such we can reproduce your exact colours. However, if doubt exists aproduction sample is recommended. 

Brand Your Brand will supplycustomers with proofs showing expected decoration content and layout. Smallvariances may occur. We may therefore recommend a pre-productionsample. However, in some cases due to lack of time and costinvolved you may elect not to have a sample. 

Whilst Brand Your Brand will makeevery endeavour to deliver the exact number of items in the order, owing tohuman and/or machine error, computer error the number of items actuallyproduced may be 2% over or under the specified number in the purchaseorder. 2% above or below quantities order is deemed acceptable as fullshipment and will be billed accordingly.


Brand Your Brand will endeavour to deliver yourgoods as requested and on time. We rely on the information supplied to usby our suppliers and decorators as being accurate and timely. Anydelivery time Brand Your Brand gives to the client is only an estimate.Brand Your Brand is not liable to the customer for any loss or damage(including any consequential loss or damage) arising from goods lost ordelayed due to circumstances beyond our control such as:
1) Transport failure
2) Accident
3) Fire
4) Flood
5) War
6) Act of Terrorism
7) Industrial Action
8) Supplier Delay
9) Manufacturer Delay
10) International or Australian CustomsDepartments

The customer must still accept and pay for thegoods even if Brand Your Brand delivers late.
Insurance is available at the rate of 3% ofvalue of order. If insurance is waived, shipment is at the receivers' risk.

Goods andServices Tax (GST)  
All amounts (prices) expressed or described in these terms andconditions are GST exclusive. 

The above terms and conditions of sale apply tothe exclusion of all other conditions, which may be made by the customer orlegal entity placing an order with Brand Your Brand.

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